Thanks, Mom!

Hello….anyone out there?

In sitting down to write a blog for the first time, I realize you could (or at least I could) really overthink writing the “big opening”. So many facets of one personality to present – right? Do you go in humble saying “I don’t know how to start but….”, will humor translate – ?, do i need to prove myself out of the gate, how about a didactic tale of life… even I am annoyed. Already.

So this should be fun. C’mon. Totally fun! Like a disco tune! Think of a good one and start doing your best funk moves. I went to Let’s Groove by EWF. Let’s regroup after our respective dance parties.

Now here is a picture of my dog. Who can resist a girl with a golden retriever? This is my loyal bestie at Isle of Palm SC recently.

Sundance, the Magnificent
Sundance, the Magnificent

I love all animals, including bugs and snakes and whatever else you can think of. My mother will tell you this has been a lifelong thing. I used to rescue all sorts of little creatures as a kid. I had pet worms, mice, snakes – yes all outdoor caught. I once begged (ok this happened a lot more than once) my mom to take a baby bird I found that fell out of the nest to the vet. She actually did it. Same for a mouse another time (it had a tumor). What a great mom! I mean, she didn’t do it willingly, and I am still repaying her in favors for it like 35 years later, but still. That’s pretty cool. I held vigil under my dad’s desk lamp for this little featherless bird for about 2 days until it died, in a nest I built, feeding it wet dog food mixed with water in an eye dropper. And yes, you probably already guessed – full funeral.

I have so many stories about my rescues — maybe I will spread them out a bit though. I mainly told you this one, for two reasons. First, obviously nobody dislikes an animal rescuer (great starter, huh). And second, it is a big part of me. It’s probably in the top 5 list of things people who know me would tell you most defines me.

So there you go. I think that’s it for a first post. I am an (over the top, often impractical) Animal Lover. Now you know….

Happy Saturday!


ps. This blog is not about Animals. Not really at all. So if you’re allergic and/or don’t want to hear anymore animal stories, there is still hope this blog is for you =)


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