Feline Lazarus: Part 3

Spoiler Alert: I just took this picture a few minutes ago.

Boe and Barrett, August 14, 2016. Still best friends….



Part Three:

On Sunday, August 10, 2014, we went in after Boe’s second hyperbaric treatment to a report of him lifting his head – about 3 times while in the chamber. He was supposed to rest undisturbed after each session, so it took a little bit to get some time with him.

I remember he was still pretty tired. Hard to get him to wake up. He still had his catheter and food tube.

One more day.

The doctors really had nothing to say at this point, other than to suggest to continue with the HBOT sessions (not cheap – thank you to my parents who donated 4 rounds). And to just “wait and see” what was going to happen.

We were told once a male cat develops this sort of problem with their kidneys/urinary tract – it’s often recurring. He would need prescription food to support this issue for the rest of his life. Said food I have taken to calling the “liquid gold”. It too, is not cheap. But whattyagonnado. We are supporting a living miracle here.

I guess as the food tube did its thing, and the HBOT every 10-12 hours, Boe got stronger. He was becoming a little more awake than before. I picked him up a lot, tried to mess around with his legs — but it still seemed like he was completely disconnected from everything in his body.

Then the doctors told us he was blind. (I just accidentally typed blond – haha. That really made me laugh. For many reasons :))

I was surprised to hear that he was blind. Looking back it makes sense, completely. But it was kind of a shock I wasn’t expecting. I knew I had a vegetable, but a blind one to boot seemed like a daunting task to take home the following day.

Oh well, I thought. I am staying focused on my GOAL. Taking him home. Anything after that, would be thought about after that. Home first!

I did go out and buy some potty pads and a food syringe, and a few other support items I imagined I’d need. I had pretty vague plans. I didn’t care.

Sunday we let him rest a lot to try and maximize the HBOT effects and to get stronger to come home.

On Monday morning Randy went back to work, and thankfully I had the time to take off work. I was giddy and shaking — we were so close to getting Boe home.

I toted my oldest stepson Tyler, age 16 and newly minted with a drivers license, down to Matthews with me to get Boe. I drove down there, and I could tell he was nervous. My car at that time was less than 6 months old and he had never driven it before.

((I was thinking, I don’t care what you do to this car, as long as Boe and I are home this morning))

I may have even told him that.

I am sure I tried my best to listen to all of the instructions they gave me, and probably I even remembered a lot of what they said then. At the current time, I recall nothing. I only remember wrapping him up in one of our blankets and getting in the backseat, and watching Tyler try and be so careful to drive us home smoothly in a car he was unfamiliar with. He tried so hard to get a sense of how sensitive the brakes were, to take turns gently, and watch for pot holes…

I will never forget being touched beyond imagination to have these sweet boys of ours involved in this miracle, watching pieces of it unfold alongside them, seeing them take an active role in helping, knowing it was a time none of us would ever forget…

Gulp. (Blot tears)

We made it home!

I think the best way to show you what happened next in this unpredictable story of the miracle that God showed us through Boe, is to share a series of videos. Because it’s just too crazy to describe how he rejoined the land of the living. And really fully became himself, quirks and all, again.

Boe Learns to Be A Cat Again

On his fourth day home he was walking fairly stable most of the time. For about a week he could only turn left.

Mr. Boe also became Mr. Clingy, as both Sundance and I learned being home with him.

Much to Sundance’s chagrin, he was now constantly being touched, cuddled or spooned by a cat. One he never paid any attention to (and it was mutual) previously:







**The Sundance Worship by Boe lasted about 2-3 months. Eventually Boe was accepted back into Barrett’s spooning circle, which holds to this day.

And my delight:


It took about 6 months for Boe’s sight to return, which the Doctors had warned IF it came back, it would be the last thing. During that time, I prayed a lot about him being restored to his full “old self”.

I remember talking with my Mom about it one day and one of us said, “The last thing Boe probably saw was Jesus. And Jesus told him he needed to go back and fight.”

I liked that.

While I know that Boe isn’t quite 100% “the same” (still), I would not be able to tell you anything that’s wrong with him. He lives the same full life that our other cats do. He plays the same games with the same toys, occupies the same spots for naps, is snuggly and, at times, grumpy the same. He has all the same routines the others do.

Still, there is something different about him. I regularly look at my sweet, often dopey-faced, Boe (he usually has this goofy look on his face) and think, “that cat met Jesus.”

And I shake my head in total wonderment….

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. (I will never forget),


I can never thank Randy, my sweet amazing angel man, enough for all that he did then, and continues to do to this day to support all of us. But it is for those times during Boe’s ordeal, that in this moment I want to say a special Thank You….

Thank you for sleeping on the porch every night with Boe for 3 weeks while he recovered.

Thank you for helping me feed him with a syringe when I was too tired to do it anymore, and for giving me breaks from working with him and caring for him when you got home from work.

Thank you for LOVING Boe and me, in what was no doubt a crazy experience. And often extremely impractical seeming….

Thank you for laying on cold tile floors with me at the vet.

Thank you for holding my hand, and for being so calm and understanding.

Thank you for praying a million prayers with me.

Thank you for truly being my partner in all things.

I love you, Randy. You are my hero.



One thought on “Feline Lazarus: Part 3

  1. I remain amazed and truly inspired to this day whenever I remember those days, weeks, and months of seeing and hearing about this kitty Boe and his miraculous return to a happy life. Prayer and vigilance on the part of Melissa and Randy (and some of the other pets….) was and is a wonderful and loving true story! The blessings of God are available to all, indeed to ALL of His creatures.

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