Boe: Miracle Cat. II

A few thoughts from last night’s post….that was a flood that just came pouring out, and I was surprised at how every detail was still so vivid. It brought up so many emotions. On “average, normal days”, it feels like longer than two years ago. I kind of wanted to slap myself for taking for granted this miracle that still lives with me every day (and often annoys me because he whines for his special urinary support /aka liquid gold food every night at 9 pm). Does God look at me and shake his head thinking “Don’t you remember? Ahh you human!”

Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I felt I had to stop because Andrew was knocking on my office door at 9 pm, asking when I was going to be done. Work all day, weep through writing about my miracle, trying to capture what it was really, fully like, by night….


Part Two: 

We got him back in to a room. We could only keep him there for about 10 minutes at a time because his body temperature still wasn’t holding so he was having to go back to the steam shelf and heat lamps to stabilize regularly.

Here is what happened next:


The little red wire is his “food tube”.

We had to keep his head propped up, otherwise it would fall – he had seemingly no muscular awareness or function. Like he didn’t even know what his body was about, or that he even had one. You will see what I mean more later.

And then, finally…. he opened his eyes. Just for a second.


Tears of joy! Could this really be happening!?

But, as incommprehensible as all of this was, the doctor still reminded us that it was almost a complete certainty that he would never fully recover. He had been down too long for his brain to function.

Joy? Pain?

Were we going through all of this to “save” a vegetable cat? One, we were being told we’d likely need to euthanize eventually? Were we torturing him? Ourselves? Was this all for nothing? What was the right thing to do?? I was so confused. I really really was.

Emotional rollercoaster. For reals.

The only thing I could think was: it’s Saturday. On Monday, he can come home. I just want him to come home one more time. If he is going to pass, I want him to be at home. I want his brother and sisters and our dog to see him. They were all so close, I especially wanted his brother/best friend Barrett (who was wailing and calling for Boe all night on Friday), to process where his bro was.

Get. Him. Home.

(If you haven’t been able to add it up, or were wondering – about 8 years ago, in March of 2008, I “rescued” a feral cat / she just started living at my house – yes, I fed her. She (Maeby) had 3 kittens on April 2, 2008. Nola, Barrett and Boe; aka “The Maeby Family” made me the proud owner of 4 cats. One of life’s greatest lessons and blessings all wrapped up into one.)

One of the Techs brought in some wet food, and a tongue depressor. “See if he responds to the smell”, she said.

It would  be really great to share videos right now – but, because that is quite a $$ upgrade to a free wordpress account, I will instead link you to my Facebook site to watch those 🙂

If I were a paying person, I would insert “Boe Video #1” here….

MdB Facebook

Sorry for the shaky footage and crying. I am an emotional girl. And y’all, that was just a huge moment. Because I knew, the countdown was on. I was taking my vegetable cat home the second that catheter came out. If he was going to pass, he was doing that at HOME.


I still wasn’t getting much of any hope from the doctors, so I tried to take things one step at a time. The next milestone was HOME. And when there is a firm goal in my gut — back up and look out. Every ounce of force I have as a human, and every bit of Holy Spirit’s power living in me, is going to be put on that goal.

It’s on.

Ok, so now what, Team of CVETS Doctors?? You suggest we try putting him in a hyperbaric chamber?

“Do it” we say. “Yes, I will sign.”

If you want to know what HBOT is, I won’t try an amateur explanation – you can watch here: CVETS Hyperbaric Chamber

I was told that CVETS in Matthews has the only hyperbaric chamber for pets in the state of North Carolina. And wasn’t it a stroke of luck that Boe happened to be here?

Yes… sure was.


((I love you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit living inside of my mind who took over and spoke up while I was talking to my regular vet on the phone and said “We are going to Matthews!” thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!))

Boe could only do a session in the chamber once every 10-12 hours. He went in a comatose vegetable, and came out out with no change.

They said they’d do another treatment overnight. It takes a few to tell if it will work.

So we went home to bed, after lots of pets and kisses.

My head was only focused on “I am taking that cat home on Monday.” And lots of prayers. Lots. Every kind…..


Part 3: Coming soon!